ICEUInformacni Centrum Evropske Unie
ICEUIsmaili Council for the European Union
ICEUInsurance Corporation Employees Union (India)
ICEUInternational Conference on the Exploration and Utilization of the Moon
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In fact, make sure you never connect the MILES trigger cable to the TJ1 receptacle on any LRU, including the turret mission processor unit (TMPU), hull mission processing unit (HMPU), improved hull mission processing unit (IHMPU), commander's electronics unit (CEU), ICEU or commander's independent thermal viewer-electronics unit (CITV-EU).
Because of the fine-scale layering within the ICEU units, a one-to-one relationship between ICEU boundaries and strong radar returns would not be expected.
However, outcrops at stream cuts near the radar lines show that larger inclusions (blocks, bombs a few cm to > 20 cm diameter) are pervasive throughout all four ICEUs.