ICEWInternational Career Employment Weekly (job listing periodical; International Jobs Center)
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With a focus on creating and fostering a community around entrepreneurs, freelancers and the creative classes working in key locations in Dubai, Nest strives to offer something different, with a membership structure that offers access to a range of benefits including an inspirational series of programming and events, founded around the core pillars of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and workplace wellness, (known as ICEW).
Trust Fund grantees in 2007 include the Women's Legal Aid Center in Tanzania, Africa; the International Rescue Committee (IRC); the International Center for the Education of Women (ICEW); and the Ethiopian Women Lawyer's Association.
In 1992 the UN organised the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro which adopted Agenda 21 and the World Meteorological Organisation organised the International Conference on Environment and Development (ICEW) which ended with the Dublin Statement which stated amongst other things that water is an economic good and a limited resource.