ICEWSIntegrated Crisis Early Warning System (US DARPA)
ICEWSIntegrated Common Electronics Warfare System
ICEWSInstitute of Contemporary & Emerging Worship Studies
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The 61-person MICO within the ICEWS Battalion conducts multi-discipline intelligence analysis, PED, and collection in direct support of ICEWS electronic warfare, cyberspace, and space operations and in general support of multi-domain (air, land, maritime, cyberspace, and space) situational awareness.
The ICEWS project has coded event data for the twenty-nine states in the US Pacific Command's Area of Responsibility.
We're very pleased to have participated in the successful ICEWS at-sea demonstration and now the SEWIP Block 2 Upgrade with Lockheed Martin," said Mark Aslett, President and CEO of Mercury Computer Systems.
ICEWS will use high-end computers to model the entire population of the PACOM area or responsibility.