ICEWSIntegrated Crisis Early Warning System (US DARPA)
ICEWSIntegrated Common Electronics Warfare System
ICEWSInstitute of Contemporary & Emerging Worship Studies
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The ICEWS project has coded event data for the twenty-nine states in the US Pacific Command's Area of Responsibility.
ICEWS' version of TABARI extracts each of these variables from a news document and then codes them according to actor dictionaries developed by the ICEWS project and an action dictionary provided by CAMEO.
Let us begin with a news document that reads, "Thailand severed relations with Laos today." ICEWS' TABARI would extract a date (whatever date the news story was reported), a source actor (Thailand), a target actor (Laos), and an action (severed relations).
When possible, ICEWS' TABARI can code three-tiered actor coding.
However, with ICEWS' project, this is no longer a problem because of the massive amounts of data collected.
Further, Mercury added that its Echotek Series' optimal fast tuning and performance will give the SEWIP Block 2 Upgrade receiver and antenna capabilities together with the combat system interface of the legacy surface ship EW system and that the ICEWS is designed to scale all the Navy's surface fleet ship classes.
The DARPA ICEWS program will use multiple algorithms and consider multiple factors to predict the behavior of a nation-state.
(14.) ICEWS will use high-end computers to model the entire population of the PACOM area or responsibility.