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ICEXIce Exercise (US Navy)
ICEXInstituto Español del Comercio Exterior
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La generalizacion de los productos de informacion electronica, y el proceso de desintermediacion de la consulta de los recursos de informacion, como consecuencia de la facilidad de acceso e interrogacion de los productos en entorno web, hace que el ICEX estructure sus contenidos en su portal web <icex.
ICEX Spain was recognized for its Young Professional Program (YPP), which since 1974 has enabled more than 5,500 graduates to take up work in Spanish companies that are growing internationally.
While there has been no official notification that ICEX will shut, the exchange has no tradeable contracts after April 18.
To plug that gap, ICEX has developed ClaimCatcher, a cross-claims data exchange designed to reduce overpayments for medical and injury claims.
Submarines have been taking measurements about ice thickness for operational purposes, but they've been storing that information since the 1950s," said Jackie Richter'menge, a naval research engineer who participated in ICEX 2011.
Though it has several different components to it, we are using only one segment of it that will allow us to do one-way, acoustic communications with the submarines," Jeff Gossett, the Arctic Submarine Laboratory's ICEX 2011 exercise director wrote in the blog.
At the start of ICEX, the Raytheon system facilitated the rendezvous of participating submarines with a camp established on the ice surface 150 nautical miles north of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
7 billion euro, including one million euro with Iraq," director of Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade ICEX told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Indiabulls Financial Services currently owns 40 percent in ICEX while trading body MMTC Limited (513377.
ADAG plans to acquire 26% in ICEX through Reliance Money
Spain's ICEX Export Board will contribute funds for marketing abroad.
ICEX -- Intellectual Capital Development Firm, www.