ICFCInternational Conference on Fuzzy Computation
ICFCInternational Center for Conciliation (Boston, MA)
ICFCInternational Conference on Fluorine Chemistry
ICFCIntensive College Foundation Course (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
ICFCIn the Community for the Community
ICFCIntegra Capital Financial Corporation (Canada)
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This sounded very like a call for a new ICFC, which this time should not be allowed to creep away from its original mandate as short-run profit-maximisation came to dominate the consideration of its shareholders.
It came into existence, like the ICFC, as a result of pressure from, and negotiation with, government.
A new ICFC would not be a quick fix: it would take time to have an impact.
ICFC was a partnership between major banks and the Bank of England to provide long-term debt and equity.
ICFC is aiming to further expand the business through synergies with SAP's existing operations.
SDK has decided to transfer the majority of shares in SAP based on the belief that the equity participation by ITOCHU and ICFC will enable SAP to consolidate its strong position in the aluminum paste market.
A trial ICFC program recently was initiated with St.
A trial ICFC program was just completed in October in Danbury with the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut.
ICFC provided a high volume of investments to SMEs, most of which in the early days was growth capital.
15222 or the ICFC Endowment Fund, c/o Brian Huber, 4060 E.
ICFC is the signature corporate citizenship program of GE Capital, Americas, which focuses on three components: financial support, volunteerism, and skill building.