ICFGInternet Configuration
ICFGInternational Church of the Foursquare Gospel
ICFGInternational Cold Forging Group
ICFGInterprocedural Control Flow Graph
ICFGInternational Cut Flower Growers Association
ICFGIan Campbell Folk Group (band)
ICFGIASG Coordinating Function Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)
ICFGInternational Christian Friendship Group
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If code snippets that download external resources are invoked from a callback that is not handled by the detection tool, we cannot locate the code snippets inside the ICFG, which is required for accurate program slicing.
After the ICFG is reconstructed, the program slicer analyzes all of the converted Jimple statements to extract the set of Jimple statements that keep the interesting program behaviors (i.e., network behaviors), such as downloading external resources.
In this work, to construct precise ICFGs, we leverage FlowDroid [28], a static taint analysis framework that provides flow- and context-sensitive and interprocedural data flow analysis for Android apps.
Founded in San Leandro in 1947, the Faith Fellowship Foursquare Church, a congregation affiliated with the ICFG, (171) had sixty-five members in 1993.
In its lawsuit, the ICFG alleged several constitutional claims and the following three RLUIPA claims: (1) "that the City's land use restrictions place a 'substantial burden on religious exercise,'" (2) "that the denial of the rezoning application constitutes 'treatment of religious assembly on less than equal terms with nonreligious assembly,'" and (3) "that the denial of the Church's use of [its] property constitutes 'total exclusion from jurisdiction or unreasonable limits on religious assemblies within jurisdiction.'" (184)
See also "Aimee Semple McPherson to the Official Board of Angelus Temple, 22 April 1927," Personal Papers of Aimee Semple McPherson, ICFG.
Doctor Munhall of the Old Methodist School and Sister McPherson, who belongs to the new order of things, and yet whose principles and teachings run true to the `faith of our fathers.'" "Angelus Temple Bulletin, 21-27 September 1924," ICFG.
Figure 4 gives an overview of the FSAlias algorithm, which relies on a flow-/context-sensitive fixed-point iteration on the ICFG, using a standard worklist approach.
for each node n in ICFG 1.1 if n is a pointer assignment aliases_intro_by_assignment(n); 1.2 else if n is a call node aliases_intro_by_call(n); 2.
(1) The ICFG is a generalization of the standard control-flow graph to include control-flow edges from call sites to the entry nodes of invoked operations, and from exit nodes of invoked operations back to the nodes after the call sites.
A sample program and its ICFG are shown in Figure 1.
An instance of a finite framework D = (L, F) is given by an ICFG G = (N, E) and a mapping that maps each node n [element of] N in the ICFG to a function [f.sub.n] [element of] F.