ICFGInternet Configuration
ICFGInternational Church of the Foursquare Gospel
ICFGInternational Cold Forging Group
ICFGInterprocedural Control Flow Graph
ICFGInternational Cut Flower Growers Association
ICFGIan Campbell Folk Group (band)
ICFGIASG Coordinating Function Group (ATM Forum, MPOA SWG)
ICFGInternational Christian Friendship Group
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185) The district court further found that the ICFG failed to provide sufficient evidence to support its claim that no other suitable properties existed in the city, and that, even if the ICFG had provided sufficient evidence, a dearth of properties does not equal a substantial burden "[i]n the absence of a showing that the City acted arbitrarily in ways suggesting actual discrimination.
The ICFG appealed, and the Ninth Circuit reversed the district court's grant of summary judgment, finding that "there is a triable issue of material fact regarding whether the City imposed a substantial burden .
In San Leandro, the ICFG requested both a zoning-map and a zoning-text amendment.
204) Therefore, when the ICFG requested to amend the zoning ordinance to allow assembly uses in the IL district with a use permit, San Leandro would have assessed the request for its suitability on the ICFG's property, but it also needed to consider the implications of the proposed change on every parcel with IL zoning throughout the entire city.
Aimee Semple McPherson, "Trial of the Liberalist College Professor Versus the Lord Jesus Christ," Sermon Transcript (October 14, 1923), ICFG.
Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors," Corporate Minutes (June 21, 1943), ICFG.
Minutes of a Meeting of the Board of Directors," Corporate Minutes (June 22, 1943), ICFG; "Minutes of a Meeting of the First Corporate Session," Corporate Minutes (June 22, 1943), ICFG.
Now, at the return from the call at statement 10 (recall that the ICFG breaks all call statements into two nodes, a call and a return), step 2.
Predecessors(n) represents the set of predecessors of n in the ICFG.
The programs are ordered by the number of ICFG nodes; this order is maintained in subsequent figures.
Programs are plotted by their sizes in ICFG nodes, along the x-axis.
An instance of a finite framework D = (L, F) is given by an ICFG G = (N, E) and a mapping that maps each node n [element of] N in the ICFG to a function [f.