ICFIInternational Committee of the Fourth International
ICFIInternational Conference on Feature Interactions in Telecommunications and Software Systems
ICFIInternational Council on Food Irradiation
ICFII Can't Forget It (software)
ICFIInternational Company for Finance and Investments
ICFIInfant and Child Feeding Index
ICFIInstruction Cache Flash Invalidate (bit)
ICFIInternational Congress for Fiji Indians
ICFIInternational Coatings and Formulations Institute
ICFIInternational Conference on Finite or Infinite Dimensional Complex Analysis and Applications
ICFIInformatica e Comunicazione per la Finanza el'Impresa
ICFIInternational Committee for a Free Iraq
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One group consisted of children having the ICFI of middle and lower terciles (less than 66 percentile), and the other had children having the ICFI of upper tercile (66 percentile or more).
Overall, the mean ICFI for the study children was 6.
In total, 169 children belonged to the middle and lower terciles of ICFI compared to 90 children at the upper tercile (Table 4).
We also looked at the correlation between the ICFI and the WAZ, LAZ, and WLZ.
Globally, a couple of studies evaluated the role of ICFI as a summary measure to predict the nutritional status of children.
In our study, we found a significant relationship between the ICFI and the LAZs, especially among children aged 12-23 months.
We tried to explain the observed inverse relationship between the ICFI and the nutritional status of children aged 9-11 months by comparing the socioeconomic status of children belonging to the upper ICFI tercile, and middle and lower ICFI terciles.