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His tenacity - paired with the exceptional quality of his photography - made him an immediate standout among the roughly 300 candidates for this year's Knight International Journalism Award, says ICFJ President Joyce Barnathan.
10, 2008 and the photos will be in a silent auction at the ICFJ Awards Dinner on Nov.
Knight Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy, the Eurasia Foundation, the New Eurasia Foundation and friends of ICFJ.
The second- and third-prize winners will receive a cash award, granted by the organizers, as well as a two-year membership to IFEJ, and a professional resource kit from ICFJ.
ICFJ solidifies its position as a leader in journalist training worldwide with
At great personal risk, Obaid-Chinoy and Al Masri faced terrorism head on, getting behind the scenes to chronicle untold abuses," said ICFJ president Joyce Barnathan.
The ICFJ had selected 30 South Asian journalists for in-person conference that took place in Kathmandu, Nepal from April 22 to April 26.
For 27 years, ICFJ has worked directly with more than 65,000 journalists from 180 countries.
Washington Post columnist David Ignatius hailed Tewfik Mishlawi and Nora Boustany during a speech at the ICFJ ceremony in which Ignatius received the center's "Life Achievement Award
This class puts into practice ICFJ's belief that quality journalism improves the human condition," ICFJ President Joyce Barnathan said.
These experiences became the foundation for a training manual I wrote for ICFJ, which has since been translated into 18 languages and distributed worldwide.
In consultation with ICFJ, fellows will select their destination country and engage to work with a host organization there.