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ICFOInternational Committee on Fundraising Organizations
ICFOInstitut de Ciències Fotòniques (Spanish: Institute of Photonic Sciences)
ICFOInternational Cooperative Fisheries Organization
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A joint patent has been filed by ICFO and CRG, which are now exploring business opportunities for marketing the classification of "stemness" state of cells, or degree of pluripotency.
However, when the CFO value is in the middle of two integer values, the accuracy of ICFO detection by using the match filter method is substantially decreased.
If the ICFO value is detected to be 1 directly depending on the output peak, the estimated CFO is 1.
The proposed match filter applied with the ICFO-compensated coefficients can reduce the CFO effect and provide the precise symbol boundary detection, and the ICFO value can be detected simultaneously.
Major organization : ICFO FUNDACIEo [beaucoup moins que]INSTITUT DE CIEeNCIES FOTEAENIQUES[beaucoup plus grand que]
Koppens at ICFO, have demonstrated a QD/2-D(graphene) phototransistor with a photoresponse up to 5 orders of magnitude higher than phototransistors based on single graphene or MoS2 atomic layers without QDs, showing the potential of QD/2-D hybrid devices for photovoltaics.
Super resolution Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscope ICFOs SLN Lab para la unidad de Super resolution light microscopy and nanoscopy (SLN).