ICFPInternational Conference on Functional Programming
ICFPInstitute of Certified Financial Planners
ICFPInstitute for Child and Family Policy (Columbia University)
ICFPIntegrated Care and Financing Project
ICFPInstitute of Community and Family Psychiatry
ICFPInternational Campaign for Freedom and Peace
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She was chairman of the board of the ICFP and a trustee of the National Foundation for Financial Planning:
The ICFP is being implemented in 94 local government units (LGUs) this year.
Founded in 1998, ICFP is a Charter Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).
Brand, executive director, ICFP, commenting on the meeting of the executive committees.
It was Oying who had played a key role in organizing the ICFP through the years, but most especially this year's.
Tuttle's vision and guidance was seen in the successful merger of the ICFP and IAFP to form the FPA in 2000, but also in multiple FPA moves that served to build the profession--and better serve clients--even if it meant FPA itself could suffer some financial and membership consequences.
Held every other year since 2009, the ICFP has, in the words of the organizers, brought together the family planning community to share best practices, celebrate successes, and chart a course forward.
Old-timers like me will remember that the financial planning world was split into two organizations for over 20 years (from the early Cy80s until 2004) between the ICFP and the IAFP.
The FPA announcement of the award calls Buie "a consistent force in the profession," who first came to particular prominence in the founding of the FPA through the 2000 merger of the ICFP and the IAFP.
According to ICFP President Buie, who also owns Financial Planning Group, a firm based in Falls Church, Virginia, "You can expect fees to run from a low of $50 or $60 per hour up to a high of $400 or $500 per hour.
Yesterday morning, e-mails from the organizers informed ICFP participants that the gathering had been postponed.
The "party line" coming from the committee that facilitated the Board's formation (made up of representatives of the ICFP and the IAFP, forerunners of the FPA, NAPFA, and the College of Financial Planning) was that "having to be licensed in every state in which a CFP had clients would be overly burdensome, without offering any advantages.