ICFYInternational Conference on Former Yugoslavia
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73) The thrust of the IP was a proposed Constitutional Agreement, reflecting the Cutileiro Principles and ICFY option (3).
87) Consequently, the Constitution restored the Vance-Owen Plan and ICFY option (2), albeit between only two parties.
89) As a result, in May 1994, the United States, Russia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom formed the Contact Group to work alongside the ICFY.
93) The constitution was an ICFY option (3) construct(94) limited to two parties: the Muslim-Croat BH Federation(95) and the Bosnian Serb Republika Srpska(96) (hereinafter RS).
100) These agreements, between the BH Federation and the RS, were similar to the Contact Group proposal, ICFY option (3), with details to be finalized later.
The ICFY was also known as the Vance-Owen Negotiations and the Geneva Conference.
Vance and Owen were the co-chairmen of the ICFY Steering Committee.