ICGAInternational Conference on Genetic Algorithms
ICGAIndependent Certified Gemologist Appraiser (American Gem Society)
ICGAInternational Computer Games Association (formerly International Computer Chess Association)
ICGAIowa Corn Growers Association
ICGAIllinois Corn Growers Association
ICGAIslamic Center of Greater Austin (Texas)
ICGAInternational Colored Gemstone Association
ICGAInternational Carnival Glass Association
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Findings that facilitate the diagnosis of CSCR are an absence of cells in the anterior chamber or vitreous and no sign of optic disc edema on examination; no choroidal thickening in USG; an absence of optic disc staining in late phases of FA; and observing multifocal hyperpermeability instead of diffuse hyperpermeability and the absence of hypofluorescence spots or optic disc staining on ICGA.
sup][29],[30],[32] In the first type, both feeder and draining vessels are visible on ICGA, and network vessels are numerous.
The ICGA will come up on 164 acres campus near Valapattanam estuary on the Arabian Sea in Azhikkal.
HaCohen-Kerner, "A Chess Composer of Two-Move Mate Problems," ICGA Journal, vol.
No injection of contrast material is required for this technique, providing advantages over traditional FA and ICGA.
On FFA, the hyperfluorescence due to RPE window defect was not evident (Figure 2b, 2c) and there was no active leakage apparent on ICGA (Figure 2d, 2e).
The ICGA will cater for all maritime specific courses for personnel of the Coast Guard, Navy, Marine police and members of the littoral countries on faculties like search and rescue, marine oil spill response, maritime law, fisheries, boarding and rummaging, technical and managerial staff.
The ICGA tournament's noise model was a zero-mean Gaussian distribution with standard deviations of 0.
ICGA revealed polypoid lesions in the temporal quadrant in one patient, who was treated due to macular involvement (Figure 3).
Mike also helped NASSCO establish new divisions such as ICGA (International Chemical Grouting Association), IPBA (International Pipe Bursting Association) and the video division for CCTV Manufacturer' Associates.
High speed ICGA is a rapid series of images to display dynamic choroidal blood flow aimed at elucidating retinal feeder vessels.
However, several challenges to the clinical application of ICGA are the long time required for imaging, difficulty in obtaining the dye, and equipment requirements.