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ICHI/O (Input/Output) Controller Hub
ICHInstitute of Child Health
ICHIntangible Cultural Heritage
ICHI/O Controller Hub
ICHInternational Conference on Harmonization (US FDA)
ICHInternational Conference on Harmonization (of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use)
ICHInteragency Council on Homelessness
ICHIndian Coffee House (restaurant chain; India)
ICHInventory Collaboration Hub
ICHIntracranial Hemorrhage
ICHIndication Channel
ICHInput Output Controller Hub
ICHIntegrated Controller Hub
ICHIntel Chipset
ICHInternational Centre for Hydropower (Norway)
ICHIchthyophthirius Multifiliis (fish parasite)
ICHInternational Coffee Hour
ICHInfectious Canine Hepatitis
ICHIntelligent Corruption Handling (eMule)
ICHIndigenous Community Housing (Australia)
ICHIt.Cultura.Horror (Italian newsgroup)
ICHIATA Clearing House
ICHIntra-Cerebral Hemorrhage
ICHImproved Cargo Helicopter
ICHInteroperability Clearinghouse
ICHIntelligent Connection Handling
ICHInstituto Chileno del Cemento y del Hormigón (Spanish: Chilean Cement and Concrete Institute)
ICHIntra-Circle Hub (India)
ICHIslamic Center of Hawthorne
ICHInternational Call Handling (Sprint)
ICHInstructor Contact Hour(s)
ICHInstitute for Community Housing
ICHImproved Chinook Helicopter
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Treatment with OACs accounts for approximately 20% of all cases of ICH, most of which are associated with the vitamin K antagonists (VKAs), acenocoumarol and warfarin [5].
ICH, also known as cerebral bleed, is a condition when blood suddenly bursts into brain tissue, causing damage to the brain.
In this study, 30 SAH, 49 ICH, and 50 control group patients were included.
There were 22.2% patients with ICH volume of >50 ml.
The third Unesco workshop titled 'Developing Safeguarding Plans for Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Dubai' was attended by 20 participants from HHC and concluded on Thursday.
In ICH, GFAP is released rapidly from brain cells into the blood stream secondary to the immediate glial destruction induced by the expanding hematoma (8).
[8] reported a serious ICH as a result of measurement for grip power performed on the seventh postoperative day of a VPS.
The first version of ICH E8 Guideline was adopted in 1997 and sets out general principles on the conduct of clinical trials.
Yet, in general, whenever a woman becomes visibly protuberant in the middle, the Luo are likely to quip with profound admiration: Omako ich.I say "quip" because, although the Luo infinitive verb mako ich translates into English as "to become pregnant", the literal English translation of mako ich is "to catch a belly".
According to NAB, Farooq Ahmad Awan served as the secretary of the IT ministry when the approval was given for establishing the ICH. He was accused of allegedly overstepping his mandate by fixing tariffs of the ICH which was the sole mandate of the PTA.