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ICH2I/O Controller Hub (Intel chipset)
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After drying, the yarns were cross-linked via exposure to 20 min of UV-C radiation in a LUZ CHEM ICH2 chamber, with Sankyo Denki 68T5 UV-C lamps at a wavelength of 254 nm (6).
With two USB controllers, the ICH2 offers 24 Mbps of bandwidth across four ports, supporting Intel's push for Ease of Use of the PC.
The spectral output of the UVC lamps employed by the ICH2 photoreactor is well characterized with ~ 96% of the UV energy (92.
The PW4100 driver works with the Crystal(R) CS4299 and CS4201 AC'97 audio codecs and provides support for both Intel (ICH, ICH2, and ICH3) and Via (686A, 686B, and 8231) chipsets.