ICHCIrish Cultural and Heritage Center (Wisconsin)
ICHCInternational Cycling History Conference (est. 1990)
ICHCI Can Has Cheezeburger (website)
ICHCInternational Congress on Hormones and Cancer
ICHCIosco County Housing Commission (Michigan)
ICHCInternational Clearinghouse for Hydrogen Commerce (website)
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In 2002, Glenn Gelhar, director of ICHC, which administers medical services at the clinic as stipulated in the grant, brought Lester on board to manage and serve as the facility's sole clinician and project manager.
We love working with ICHC, we have a shared vision for extending entertaining web experiences to mobile with anytime, anywhere access.
Frengo is the ideal partner for us to bring humor and fun out of the Intertubes and into the hand-helds of people who like to laugh," said Ben Huh, Chief Cheezburger of ICHC.
El ICHC, en su momento, represento nuestro primer trabajo como profesionales.
Santos LMP, Oliveira A, Trindade JS, Barreto ICHC, Palmeira PA, Comes Y, Santos FOS, Santos W, Oliveira JPA, Pessoa VM, Shimizu HE.
Los trabajos publicados por el personal academico del ICHC y CESMECA son poco mas de 40% y es significativo que la mayoria aborde temas chiapanecos representando 55% del total de estudios.
ICHC Barreto, VM Pessoa, JS Trindade, CAM Arruda and D Dewes participated in data collection and interpretation and in drafting and critically reviewing this article.
Barreto ICHC, Oliveira EM, Andrade LOM, Sucupira ACL, Linhares MSC, Sousa GA.