ICHDInternational Classification of Headache Disorders
ICHDInternational Center for Human Development (think tank)
ICHDInternational Council of Human Duties (est. 1993)
ICHDInternational Course in Health Development (Netherlands)
ICHDIntersociety Commission for Heart Disease Resources
ICHDIredell County Health Department (Statesville, NC)
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Advancing Renal Therapies through HDx (expanded hemodialysis): The international faculty will discuss the importance of efficient removal of large middle molecules, and the research indicating the potential role of those molecules in cardiovascular disease and inflammation risks for ICHD ESRD patients.
According to the ICHD, VM cases often do not fulfill the duration criteria for an aura or the temporal relationship of migraine headaches.
En el caso de Chihuahua, el ICHD adquirio las basculas en Estados Unidos.
The land use planning and health initiative is based on a successful strategy used in the environmental health assessment process led by ICHD in the Tri-County region.
ICHD unit nurses and technicians versus other staff, HCPs who see patient on PDs versus those who do not) were compared using two-sided t-tests at the fifth % level of significance.
Los directores del ICHD y Codeson refieren que en el caso de las certificaciones, a Alvarado unicamente le interesa cobrar el curso que dura apenas una hora y donde los entrenadores no aprenden nada.
ICHD attempts to mobilize by engaging the Israeli legal system long enough to garner international pressure to stop the demolitions.
On the basis of the mapping exercise, ICHD incorporated economics, social organization, and environment into a definition of the community of Island County (Task 2) and developed the Environmental Health Assessment Team (EHAT) matrix, which was used to identify stakeholder interests unique to Island County (i.
Services Administrator (PSA) to meet the pharmaceutical needs of eligible patients of ICHD.
The RQL and manager struck the multidisciplinary ICHD team: Communication-Workload-Clutter (CWC) working group.
Earlier this year, MBC had signed a deal with Technosat that made its HD content available on the set-to-box manufacturer's ICHD platform.
This option is unavailable to Palestinians in East Jerusalem," Jimmy Johnson from ICHD told AlArabiya.