ICHEIllinois Christian Home Educators (Russell, IL)
ICHEInfection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (journal)
ICHEInternational Conference on Hydroscience and Engineering (est. 1993)
ICHEInternational Conference on Higher Education
ICHEIdaho Coalition of Home Educators
ICHEInstitute for Continuing Healthcare Education (est. 1986; Philadelphia, PA)
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In the lines quoted earlier, from the opening, we can see the logic of lists operating at every level right from the start: not only is the "Crede" one of a number of the needful things to be learned, but each item is itself also a kind of list: the "A.b.c," the Pater Noster that is recited "iche poynt after other." (And they are incomplete lists, for the narrator either "patres" them, or does not know them fully.) We also see lists being used by the individual representatives of the orders, both in order to claim their own order's precedence over the others, and in order to enumerate the others' failings.
O sentido do feminino sera esclarecido a partir da essencia humana, o Ichah como sequencia do Iche: nao o feminino a partir do masculino, mas a divisao entre masculino e feminino--a dicotomia --a partir do humano.
A study published in 2010 (ICHE, 2010; 31(7):772-774) proposed a link between intermittent suction equipment and patient contamination.
The Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE) has demonstrated strong leadership on the issues of college access and completion and has established clear goals as detailed in the report, "Reaching Higher with College Completion: Moving from Access to Success" (2008).
And in hys governauns so demure and dyscrete was he, That iche creature he coude reverens be norturyd jentylnes Aftyr ther degre, that of pore and ryche yn the cyte.
I wolde pat iche of yow xulde do for othere, and leue as kynnysmen and frendys; for suche seruawntys may make trobyll by-twyxe yow, wheche where a-geynste cortesey, so nyhe newborys as ze be.
It is, however, possible that since eve occurs between se and iche, the scribe may well have believed that all three endings should be the same, and changed the evam he found in his exemplar accordingly.
(77) The Rule addresses the brothers, "whiche also are bounde to expoune iche sonday the gospel of the same day in the same messe to alleherers in ther [var.
En lo que respecta al empleo de inhibidores de la colinesterasa (IChE), estas sustancias son, actualmente, el tratamiento mas firmemente establecido en las fases iniciales de la EA, por lo que tambien constituyen el grupo idoneo para probar su eficacia en el DCL de tipo amnesico.
Israeli FA president Iche Menahem said: "I ordered the match halted after I received word from police that they had evidence and after three players had admitted involvement."