ICHEICInternational Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
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ICHEIC would later admit that the commission "sacrificed time efficiencies for process effectiveness," (184) a choice ordinarily made with input from claimants' legal representatives.
Under this proposal, the monitor, who should have the confidence of Congress and the survivor community, would examine any alleged problems with claims in process--those that may have fallen between the cracks, remaining claims that cannot meet the ICHEIC standards, as well as any claims that ICHEIC supposedly disposed of in violation of its own rules.
Germany, Austria, and France regarding Holocaust-era insurance claims, the Court concluded that the 'consistent Presidential foreign policy has been to encourage European governments and companies to volunteer settlement funds in preference to litigation or coercive sanctions,' and, in the insurance context specifically, 'to encourage European insurers to work with the ICHEIC to develop acceptable claim procedures.
testified in favor of the bill before the committee, noting that his own claim with ICHEIC was denied over a supposed lack of evidence.
Kai Hennig, the spokesperson of the "Remembrance, Responsibility, and the Future Foundation" in charge of the implementation of the compensation of Nazi era life insurance policies, details the ICHEIC agreement with the Foundation and the German Insurance Association to stipulate the procedures for application processing and payment and the resulting implementation of that agreement.
ICHEIC was established in 1998 to give Holocaust survivors and their heirs a means of processing World War II-era insurance claims at no cost.
The suit also alleges that ICHEIC has assisted Generali in reducing its exposure from more than $1 billion to $100 million, and has accepted Generali's "untrustworthy records," to deny or diminish valid survivor claims.
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, along with the AJC, ADL and other groups all signed off on the agreement, and by most standards ICHEIC was a success.
With this payment, the ICHEIC has paid out $82 million altogether of the $500 million allocated for compensation.
ICHEIC is apparently not using all lists available to it to match names, with certain countries and companies considered outside the scope of authority;
The extension, which applies to existing as well as new claimants, was necessary to allow the ICHEIC sufficient time to publish additional names of policyholders on its web site and give "adequate time for the public to review the lists," said ICHEIC Chairman, and former Secretary of State, Lawrence Eagleburger.