ICHEICInternational Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims
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Under this proposal, the monitor, who should have the confidence of Congress and the survivor community, would examine any alleged problems with claims in process--those that may have fallen between the cracks, remaining claims that cannot meet the ICHEIC standards, as well as any claims that ICHEIC supposedly disposed of in violation of its own rules.
Kai Hennig, the spokesperson of the "Remembrance, Responsibility, and the Future Foundation" in charge of the implementation of the compensation of Nazi era life insurance policies, details the ICHEIC agreement with the Foundation and the German Insurance Association to stipulate the procedures for application processing and payment and the resulting implementation of that agreement.
Washington state alone has assisted survivors in submitting more than 500 claims to ICHEIC and the companies involved, but only two Washington claims have been settled so far.
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, along with the AJC, ADL and other groups all signed off on the agreement, and by most standards ICHEIC was a success.
Commissioner Senn said Chairman Eagleburger or his representative also have been invited to the hearing, and some of the Washington state residents who have filed more than 400 claims with ICHEIC may testify as well.
ICHEIC has only offered the survivors I represent a small fraction of what they are owed under the life insurance policies.
In addition, many claims were paid before ICHEIC was founded, he said.
Today Rakover joins other Holocaust survivors in seeking class action status of a lawsuit against ICHEIC claiming the International Commission is bias in favor of Generali by allowing claims to be denied on grounds that are totally unfair and bias in favor of Generali.
Further, the court found that ICHEIC is not an adequate alternative forum for the resolution of plaintiffs' claims.
We have had friendly meetings with the other ICHEIC members, U.
ICHEIC provided there is acknowledgment of the redress completed by
However, Commissioner Senn's staff later discovered that the company had included records of the claim in other documents provided to ICHEIC.