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Plants grown under S omission, similarly to those of the N treatment, reduced IChl a and b (Figures 4A and B), but maintained both indexes, because of the similarity between Chl a/b ratio of this treatment and the control.
Therefore, it is expected that plants grown in medium with low N or S availability show reduced IChl a and/or b values as observed for 'cedro doce' plants.
The Extreme includes ICHL players from Roseburg to Corvallis, as well as other local women not playing in the rec league.
Eleven conferences took place between 1976 and 2000, i.e., on historical phonology (1976, 1996), morphology (1978), syntax (1981), semantics/word formation (1986), on historical linguistics and philology (1988), language contact and linguistic change (1991), linguistic change and typology (1993) and two more general conferences on historical linguistics (6th ICHL 1983 and 9th ICEHL 1996).
When I first presented this material at the XIIth ICHL conference at Manchester, August 1995, I called initial no in Beowulf a topic.