ICHMInternational College of Hotel Management (Australia)
ICHMInternational Commission on History of Meteorology
ICHMInternational Commission on the History of Mathematics
ICHMInternational Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine
ICHMInternational College of Hospitality Management (Suffield, CT)
ICHMIntegrated Control and Health Monitoring
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Offered for first time outside of Austria by Modul University Dubai, ICHM offers globally recognised certificates issued by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
has elected to participate with BluePoint in the advancement of ICHM, the implications of which as noted by The Energy Commission can be substantial relative to future public and corporate operating and environmental benefits.
Recognizing that the majority of California's remaining combined heating and power (CHP) potential is in the commercial and light industrial sectors, economic integration of thermally activated cooling will be important to obtaining the operating benefits necessary for cost effective CHP and ICHM projects in the future.
For two consecutive years, in 1996 and 1997, the ICHM received the "Best Industry Trainer" Tourism Award for Australia.