ICHPERInternational Council on Health, Physical Education and Recreation
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The awards were presented to Shaikh Nasser at a closing ceremony as the curtain came down on 56th ICHPER.
The conference was organised by the BOC in partnership with ICHPER.
This represents a true challenge to bring it all together -- ICHPER professionals, institutions and organisations throughout the world, for re-examining and sharing our current dimensions of beliefs, knowledge and wisdom to build a new direction for the future through the process of this world congress," said Dr Yang.
I have been to 15 different conferences before and have been telling people how important it is for a person to be able to walk as much as 10,000 steps a day in order to sustain good health and fitness," said Dr Hatana, who is now hea ding a ICHPER.
This came as Askar headed the regular meeting of the Executive Committee, that includes Media Committee, Marketing Committee, the Committee of the Associated Events, Public Relations Committee, the Committee of Information Technology, Transportation Committee, Finance Committee, the Committee of Coordination and Follow-up, in the presence of ICHPER SD's President Dr.
2003) Level of knowledge regarding AIDS among secondary school students in Enugu State, Nigeria, ICHPER.
Significant scientific research papers linked to health, sports, physical education and recreation are set to be presented with leading speakers, including Korean-born American ICHPER.