ICHPPC-2International Classification of Health Problems in Primary Care (guide)
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A 10th service, performing a pregnancy test, was omitted because its most obvious reason is not included in either ICHPPC-2 or our recording form - a woman's question of whether or not she is pregnant.
For that study E-list criteria (the first classification for general practice, developed in the United Kingdom and derived from the ICD) was used initially and was later replaced with ICHPPC-2 criteria.
Overall morbidity for patients in this study comprises the total number of registered ICHPPC-2 health problems per 1000 patient years over a period of 5 years.
ICHPPC-2 defined (International classification of health problems in primary care).
A list of all the diagnoses used by the practice was developed in 1988 from a computer-generated list of all ICHPPC-2 coded diagnoses seen by the practice.
Patient computer records that contained ICHPPC-2 codes and problems that could not be converted to ICD-9-CM were deleted, and a computerized notation was made to indicate that there was a conversion problem and a deleted diagnosis.
Instead of recording the actual ICHPPC-2 or ICD-9-CM number for each diagnosis on the encounter form, the provider recorded the patient's diagnoses either in his or her own words or by checking an item in the problem list (Figure).
The codes of common diagnoses, listed on the back of the form for reference by the provider, were organized numerically by ICHPPC-2 codes.