ICHRIndependent Commission for Human Rights (est. 1993)
ICHRInstitute for Child Health Research (Israel)
ICHRIndian Council for Historical Research
ICHRIrish Centre for Human Rights (National University of Ireland; est. 2000)
ICHRInternational Champagne Horse Registry
ICHRInternational Crusade for Holy Relics
ICHRInternational Council for Human Rights
ICHRInternational Centre for Humanitarian Reporting
ICHRIowa Coalition for Human Rights
ICHRInternational Congress for the History of Religions
ICHRIjaw Council on Human Rights
ICHRInteramerican Convention on Human Rights
ICHRIron City Houserockers (band)
ICHRInner City Health Research
ICHRFirst Chronicles (bible)
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The idea by some historians is to create a schism between communities," ICHR Member Secretary Rajaneesh Kumar Shukla told Gulf News.
But ICHR also said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has already closed Shamlo's file without granting him refugee status "for lack of good presentation before [a] UNHCR officer at the interview.
The ICHR board of directors adopted as its vision statement, "Building on the strengths and knowledge of all cultures to achieve health".
The ICHR ruled in favor of Matus' petition for injunctive relief.
Based on its assessment of views expressed in those forums, the ICHR expects to present a definitive proposal to the OAS General Assembly in 1997.
It will not do for the government to appoint second-raters as in the ICHR or ICSSR.
PHROC and ICHR organized the meeting yesterday for the representatives of Arab and foreign countries, to shed light on .
ICHR has set up a committee that is going to look at some of the major projects which were either wrapped up abruptly without research reports or remain incomplete even after decades," said a top official of the autonomous academic body funded by the Government of India to produce books in the name of ' Special Research Projects'.
Sudarshan Rao who was earlier the Chairman of ICHR, appointed by this Government also defended caste hierarchy by saying that nobody complained against it.
He highlighted the decade of work undertaken by the ICHR setting the trends to effectively and meaningfully to continue to keep the Kashmir issue on the EU's radar.
The award was announced by Ardeshir Zarezadeh, ICHR's president, and Nazanin Afshin-Jam, the Canadian beauty queen and wife of Canada's defense minister, who is a member of the ICHR advisoiy board.
The ICHR said that during July there were limitations imposed on the freedom of the press.