ICHRIInternational Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
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He was tried and sentenced to die for the killing in California, ICHRI reported, even though the court appears to have had no information beyond news accounts.
ICHRI said Samiee was hanged November 4 along with another prisoner at the Rajaishahr prison in Karaj.
ICHRI said Samiee was arrested in 2008 after the Janmohammadi family reported Samiee to the Iranian authorities.
Population congestion is the cause of the decreased level of hygiene and has caused illnesses to be spread easily throughout the prison population," the ICHRI stated, regarding the notorious Evin prison near Tehran.
The source talking to ICHRI said Karimi's Kurdish and Sunni background might also have contributed to his harsh sentence.
An unnamed source told ICHRI that Ekhtesari's case file "indicates that 'she has insulted the sacred through contact with [the German-based Iranian musician] Shahin Najafi, referred to as 'the irreverent singer' [for his protest music].
But the prison officials said they don't care about the Supreme Court and will carry out the execution," Mansur Alkhani told ICHRI.
Moghimi told ICHRI before his arrest, "According to our laws, activities on social net works on the Internet are not recognized as crimes.
As an example, ICHRI said that when searching in the video section of Parsijoo for the name of Iran's Green Movement leader, "Mir Hossein Mousavi," the user will only be shown a list of state videos containing propaganda against Mir Hossein Mousavi.
These steps," said ICHRI, "confirm that the state sees the Internet as the principal battleground it its struggle to control the citizenry's access to information.
ICHRI said Khanjani has never received even a single day of furlough despite his age.