ICHRIInternational Campaign for Human Rights in Iran
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Population congestion is the cause of the decreased level of hygiene and has caused illnesses to be spread easily throughout the prison population," the ICHRI stated, regarding the notorious Evin prison near Tehran.
Sources close to Shahini told ICHRI they believe he was picked up because of his social media and blog postings on Iranian politics, and because of comments he had previously made to Western media, including in interviews with Voice of America.
The written verdict against the four, obtained by ICHRI, alleges that their activities were "secessionist" in nature.
Her husband was executed, but she's still in prison," Madadi told ICHRI.
According to the ICHRI source, on December 21, 2013, at the end of a trial that lasted less than 10 minutes, Judge Mohammad Moghisseh of the Revolutionary Court sentenced Babaei to six years in prison with an additional four-year suspended prison term for "spying and contact with enemy states.
The source told ICHRI Shahini was arrested July 11 by the Pasdaran Intelligence Organization in Gorgan, where his family lives, and is being held in Gorgan Prison.
But so far there has been no response to the family's requests to send him to a dentist outside the prison to prevent an infection," the source told ICHRI, adding that Shahini had been visited by his family only once since his arrest but was able to stay in contact by phone.
The bigger goal is to break through the barriers preventing US companies from entering Iran, ICHRI argued.
A retailer in Tehran who sells Apple phones told ICHRI that since the ultimatum to Apple, the price of iPhones has increased about 10 percent.
However, on the first such Tuesday ride, July 26, security agents stopped and detained a number of women cyclists, ICHRI reported.
That's why our rights are being denied," Hayati told ICHRI.