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ICHSInternational Community Health Services (Seattle, WA)
ICHSInternational Committee of Historical Sciences
ICHSIsland County Historical Society (Coupeville, WA)
ICHSIlford County High School (London, UK)
ICHSIllini Central High School (Mason City, IL)
ICHSInternational Center for Human Sciences (Lebanon)
ICHSInstitute of Community Health Sciences (UK)
ICHSInner City High School
ICHSI Could Have Sworn
ICHSInternal Cargo Handling System (CH-47)
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Come in at once to your lessons!" Or, at a different period, "Ou etes-vous donc, petite sotte?" Or at yet another period, "Warte nur, wenn ich dich erst habe!" As the voices came round one corner, I whisked in my noiseless clothes round the next, and it was only Fraulein Wundermacher, a person of resource, who discovered that all she needed for my successful circumvention was galoshes.
The incidence of intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) with these agents is small but clinically significant.
Writing is thus intimately bound up with living, and the one enables the other: "Ich schreibe vielleicht vor allem um mich des Todes zu erwehren, also ich schreibe gegen meinen Tod an." Death is an ever-present part of consciousness, for "wir sind alle kosmisch so irrelevant"; but "nicht zu Sterben ist das Problem sondern zu Leben." The "problem of living," cast as the problem of writing -- i.e., creating a language commensurate with experience -- is central to all of Mayrocker's prose works, including Lection.
Ich mochte zwei Beispiele anfuhren, eines als Pladoyer fur die Einfuhrung von Recht und das zweite fur die positive Wirkung des Nachdenkens uber den Frieden.
Neuroinflammation after ICH involves microglia activation, production of inflammatory cytokines, and influx of peripheral immune cells, all contributing to the pathophysiology of secondary brain injury [4, 5].
Erki Russow und Ulle Tamla mochte ich herzlichst danken fur die freundliche Aufnahme im AI Tallinn: fur die Studien am archaologischen Fundmaterial und die freie Nutzung der Raumlichkeiten.
It could spare the lost time and efforts of acute imaging tests to rule out ICH and speed the path to the use of thrombolytics or more-aggressive interventions.
Ich kann zwar sagen, dass ich gelernt habe, aber nicht, dass ich lerne, es sei denn, ich meine damit ein Uben, mit dem ich beschaftigt bin.
This article studies the transitions in both femininity and filmmaking not as they were expressed in the Third Reich's popular genre films--in which continuities and discontinuities have been most noted and discussed--but rather as manifest in party propaganda: Carl Froelich's Ich fur Dich--Du fur mich (I for You--You for Me), a feature film commissioned by the Reichspropagandaleitung Abt.