ICHTOIranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization
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With the blessing of ICHTO, the American Iran Tourism Association, at the request of Hamid Reza Talebi and under his management, has started activity in Tehran as the first organization registered to exclusively further tourism relations between the US and Iran, according to the report.
Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization is compiling a dossier on the landmark to be submitted to the United Nations' cultural agency, Mehr quoted ICHTO Deputy Director Mohammad-Hassan Talebian as saying last week.
Iran's tourism is quite intact, which makes it ready for any investment, said Hamid Baqaie, head of ICHTO at the opening ceremoney of the investment opportunity forum in the special and free trade zones.
The ICHTO has signed a contract with Saatchi to keep the clock running.
Iran has signed numerous memoranda of understanding with countries hosting historical Iranian structures, which allows the organization to commission their restoration using Iranian experts," said Mohammad Hassan Talebian, cultural heritage deputy at ICHTO.
Tour guides and drivers must attend and successfully complete English language courses before they're given work permits," Mohammad Mehdi Sherafat, head of the provincial wing of the ICHTO, said.