ICHUDInternational Courses on Housing and Urban Development
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Inside, the Citi Field concession stands were closed, but Ichud HaKehillos had set up its own stands selling sandwiches, soda, chips, and sweets at not unreasonable prices.
Outside the stadium, Ichud HaKehillos spokesman Eytan Kobre talked about the counter-rallies.
From Brit Shalom to Ichud: Judah Leib Magnes and the Struggle for a Binational State in Palestine.
(55.) Nahum Guttman, "Hehaluz in America," in Arise and Build: The Story of American Habonim, edited by David Breslau (New York: Ichud Habonim Labor Zionist Youth, 1961), p.
The Ichud federation had as its prototype the first kibbutz, Degania, a small, highly selective, agriculture-based community.
In 1953 the Ichud presented a detailed plan to guide all its member kibbutzim in their fight against hired labor.
"When the volunteers arrived at the scene they found a child who had been injured when he was dragged with his bicycle under the wheels of a truck," said an Ichud Hatzalah spokesperson.
According to Rabbi Mattisyahu Salamon of Lakewood, N.J., one of the founders of Ichud HaKehillos, "It is entirely possible that the entire nisayon [test] of technology was brought upon us by Hashem in order to force us to unite."
Magen David Adom (MDA) and Ichud Hatzalah medics treated him at the scene; he was transferred to Soroka for more treatment.
When we arrived at the site, we found an ultra-Orthodox man bleeding profusely from his head," Avi Bar-Lev, a volunteer for the rescue team "Ichud Hatzala" told Ha'aretz.
Member of Knesset Michael Ben-Ari (Ichud Leumi =96 National Union) warned S= unday night that the Israel Police policy meant to avoid riots is actually = fueling the violence.
Ichud Leumi (National Union) is projected to win four mandates, compared with three for the Jewish Home faction.