ICIEInternational Center for Information Ethics (Germany)
ICIEInternational Conference on Information Engineering
ICIEInternational Conference on Ion Exchange
ICIEInternational Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Moscow, Russia)
ICIEInternational Council of Industrial Editors
ICIEIdaho Council on Industry & the Environment
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The activities of Memorandum signatory organizations will focus first and foremost on building economic cooperation, creating firm foundations for investments and optimizing the use of financial resources in ICIE member states.
In today's economic environment signing a memorandum of this type helps strengthen international cooperation and develop the economic and industrial potential of ICIE member countries," notes Igor Apostolov, Director of Uniastrum's Department for Cooperation with Government Agencies.
Eugene Simko, President of ICIE and Associate Professor of Management and Marketing at Monmouth University's Leon Hess Business School, reports:
Other notable speakers at the 2011 ICIE conference will be the President of St.
Nabil Ibrahim, Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University in United Arab Emirates, for his contribution to the 2010 ICIE Conference in the United Arab Emirates.
Thomas University, 16401 NW 37 Avenue, Miami Program Contact: Professor Maureen Sheehan Paparella, Director of the Information Technology Academic Program at Monmouth University, Vice-President of ICIE, and Executive Director of the Conference at mpaparel@monmouth.
Because of the tremendous growth of the business communication field, both groups prospered and grew, with ICIE ultimately becoming the larger.
A long active ICIE member volunteered to serve at least two years as full-time secretary without compensation.
Establishment of a permanent headquarters in Akron enabled ICIE to broaden its range of activities.
In the late '40s ICIE, with growing chapters and rose-colored glasses, set up the first US national headquarters of a professional communication association with a paid director.
Headquarters returned to the offices of ICIE volunteers.
With the beginning '50s and continuing growth in internal and external publications by business, ICIE carefully developed new and needed projects and services.