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ICIERInternational Consortium of Independent Educators and Researchers
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Because the link between icier temperatures and heart risk is unclear, Dr.
She glanced around suspiciously, as if the cold lurked, some icier confederate of it, somewhere nearby.
Whereas for Frog and Toad the sensation of the shivers is a "good, warm feeling" for readers of James's story the discomfort is far icier (41).
Though the step to seal the border is primarily political amid icier tensions between Pyongyang and Seoul and triggered by speculations of South Korean and Japanese intelligence over the health of North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il - who allegedly has suffered a stroke or heart attack - the move could bring a lot of inconvenience to the North's ailing economy.
Adelies are believed to be one of the penguin species that prefer colder and icier environments: in years in which there's more sea ice, larger numbers of Adelies return to their breeding grounds.
Furthermore, he complicates his binary: Partisan Review has published "wickedly witty" (206) Mary McCarthy, and Tennessee Williams and Paul Bowles, who retain a "sensibility, shriller or icier, but not fundamentally different from that which informs the fiction of the ladies' magazines" (203).
We obviously shot the ball very poorly," said Gibbons, who could not recall an icier start in his 21 seasons running the HC show.
Cool skin tones can wear icier colours such as Pout Lip Polish in Prudish Prudence (hot fuchsia), pounds 10, Too Faced Lip Injection Technocolour in Tart (bubblegum pink), pounds 12, or Urban Decay Lip Gunk in Hotpants (coral pink), pounds 8.
It is safe to say that relations between the council's Tory-Lib Dem leadership and Birmingham Forward are icier than the men's downhill race at the Winter Olympics.
Note: In order to achieve an icier consistency for a granite, it may be necessary to decrease the sugar to a ratio of 4 parts water-based liquid to 1 part sugar.