ICIRInterfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights
ICIRIn Commission, In Reserve (ship status)
ICIRInformation Centre for International Relations (Erasmus University Rotterdam; Netherlands)
ICIRInternational Committee for Insulin Resistance
ICIRInstitute for Communication and Information Research (University of Alabama)
ICIRICSI (International Computer Science Institute) Center for Internet Research (UC Berkeley)
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The collaboration between ICIR and IGI Global will set a precedent for domestic institutes for their research.
ICIR was jointly founded in 2009 by Beijing Jiaotong University, China, and University of Reading, UK.
On the California border the bishops of Mexicali and Tijuana join the representatives of the ICIR in a vigil.
That is why many groups, including the ICIR, the Maryknoll Border Project, and Annunciation House, have consciousness-raising programs.
The ICIR gives workshops in parishes, churches, and synagogues.
ICIR representatives have been urging INS officials to allow them to undertake human rights training for border patrol agents.
Thus to compute the CIR of any input signal, all that is required is the ICIR of the device and the PDF of the input signal.
P] may be measured for a given device and signal, respectively, the values of the ICIR function are difficult to obtain directly.
Thus, if the values of the CIR for a two-tone test signal are known at N discrete power levels, the value of the ICIR kernel can be extracted using Equation 6.
At higher levels, the CDMA CIR begins to deviate fr om the measured CIR as the signal peaks extend beyond the range of the extracted ICIR kernel function.
The Stormont House Agreement also includes arrangements for victims and survivors to seek and receive information about the deaths of close relatives through a body called the ICIR.
will none SPOKESWOMAN yesterday "To encourage people to come forward, it was agreed the ICIR will not disclose information provided to it, and that this information would be inadmissible in court.