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In earlier chapters, Icks describes familial intrigues that pressed Elagabalus into power but ultimately killed him.
As a survey of Elagabalus's post-Roman reception in art and literature, Icks conveniently appends a comprehensive, though admittedly incomplete, list of ninety-three works dating from 1407-1408 to 2010.
Despite his book's lurid title, Icks has written a broad-ranging, sober investigation that should attract readers interested in Roman politics and religion during the third century CE and those interested in how and why biographical images have been constructed.
Martijn Icks' The Crimes of Elagabalus provides an analysis of the figure and images of Elagabalus, from antiquity to the present.
The second chapter focuses more squarely on Elagabalus' Syrian background, with Icks wisely cautioning that an overemphasis on the emperor's ethnicity can lead to distortions in our understanding of Elagabalus' reign.
In Chapter Three, Icks takes a step toward presenting the image (or images) of Elagabalus that was constructed in antiquity.
Icks asserts that Elagabalus' image has been developed along two specific lines: his "Oriental" background and accusations of effeminacy, luxury, and cruelty, the latter of which are common attributes of the stereotypical "tyrant." While Icks acknowledges throughout each section that Herodian used Dio and that the HA used Dio and Herodian, the chapter would likely have benefited from a more thorough investigation into sources and the deliberate choices made by the individual authors in shaping their images of Elagabalus.
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"I developed the Autoblaze A unit, which basically places an element that can be heated to 500 plus degrees celsius, inside the wood-burner and, at the ick of a switch, blows hot air onto the wood to the point of combustion.
Answers on a postcard to Ryan O'Neil, Ick House, Ruddy Big Ick Avenue, Icksville.