ICLARMInternational Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management (Philippines; now known as WorldFish)
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[15.] Pauly D Theory and management of tropical multi species stocks: a review with emphasis on Southeast Asian demersal fisheries ICLARM stud Rev1982; 11:35p.
She explained that the ICLARM has been working closely with a number of research institutions in the Philippines to increase fish production, improving resource management and equitable distribution of benefits in developing countries and protecting the environment.
(31) Montree Muangboon, 'Collecting Clarius Fry from natural waters' (Bangkok: National Inland Fisheries Institute, 1981); for AIT and ICLARM's activities, refer to P.
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Certain aquaculture sectors have been "driven mainly by market forces, short-term profits, and in many developing countries, export earnings," says Meryl Williams, director general of the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), headquartered in Penang, Malaysia.
Another is the Manila-based International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), which runs a project in the Solomon Islands to introduce clam ranching to fishing communities, as well as researching the aquaculture of valuable ornamental shells which have been over-exploited on the islands' otherwise pristine reefs.
ICLARM, Penang, Malaysia and the Department of Fisheries, Dhaka, Bangladesh pp: 7.
Relative yield-per-recruit (Y/R) and relative biomassper-recruit (B/R) were estimated using the software FISAT (Fish Stock Assessment Tools--FAO- ICLARM), VER 1.2.0 (Gayanilo et al., 2005).
Paper presented at the Workshop on "Environmental Impact of the Golden Snail (Pomacea sp.) on Rice Farming Systems in the Philippines" held at the Freshwater Aquaculture Center, Central Luzon State University, Philippines on 9-10 November 1989 sponsored by the International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management (ICLARM), Makati, Philippines, pp: 13.
[13.] Prein M, Lightfoot C and RSV Pullin ICLARM's approach to the integration of aquaculture into sustainable farming system.