ICLEInstitute of Continuing Legal Education
ICLEInsight Control Linux Edition
ICLEInternational Center for Leadership in Education
ICLEInternational Corpus of Learner English
ICLEInsight Control Linux Edition (Hewlett-Packard software)
ICLEImmigration Compliance and Enforcement
ICLEInstitute for Community Leadership in Education (Pennsylvania)
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15-1391) [hereinafter ICLE Amicus] (alteration in original) (quoting Brief for Petitioners, supra note 13, at 6).
1999, 2004) in English argumentative texts extracted from the ICLE and the CEUNF corpora, if compared with their real frequency of occurrence in the native corpora LOCNESS and SPE, thus demonstrating the mother tongue's influence on the learner's production.
Additionally, we're pleased to announce that the Southern Regional Education Board is returning to present a customized strand in line with its High Schools/Technical Centers That Work programs, and ICLE's Model Schools is returning with the Successful Practices Network to delve into career readiness and other key topics.
The use of this error-taxonomy by a wide range of scholars from all over the world, as can be seen in many edited books (Granger, 1998; Granger, Hung & Petch-Tyson, 2002; Gilquin, Papp & Diez-Bedmar, 2008, etc.), the publications listed in the learner corpus bibliography compiled by the CECL, or the development of the ICLE Error Tagging Project (Ballesteros, Rica, Neff & Diez Prados, 2006), allows the needed replica studies (see, for instance, Polio & Gass, 1997).
In Chapter 3, Paquot describes the 10 sub-corpora under investigation, which are selected from the International Corpus of Learner English version 1 (ICLE), as well as the method employed, namely Granger's (1996) Contrastive Interlanguage Analysis (CIA), to compare learner writing and expert academic prose.
* Intermittent cutaneous lupus erythematosus (ICLE), a relatively new subtype of cutaneous LE, is represented by a rare condition--lupus erythematosus tumidus (LET)--reported in <100 cases worldwide.
The annual Test icle Cooking World Championship is being held for the seventh time in Ozrem and organisers hope it will spark a tourist boom - like the Scottish whisky industry.
Contact ICLE and inquire if you can rent the list of lawyers who bought that publication, or lawyers who attended ICLE seminars dealing with DWI defense.
Today the Prime Minister takes the unusual step of penning an arting icle seeking to reassure the public that the security measures being taken are proportionate.