ICLSInterstate Common Line Support
ICLSInternational Courtly Literature Society
ICLSInternational Conference on Learning Sciences
ICLSInternet Corporation Listing Service
ICLSInstitute of Cosmetic & Laser Surgery
ICLSInterim Contractor Logistics Support
ICLSInterchangeable Core Lock Systems (security)
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Descriptive statistics for NDVI, EC[alpha] and the chemical properties of a ICLS in Brazil Statistical NDVI NDVI [EC.
Providing an adequate supply of nutrients is important for corn and forage production, and it is essential to maintain high quality and profitable yields in ICLSs.
As we have seen above, countries have technical sovereignty whether they endorse the resolutions of the ICLS or not.
Additionally, those unemployed workers whose reasons to quit an active job search are not considered valid ones under the ICLS criterion (see Table 5, Appendix) are now considered inactive as well.
One of the pilots continued below 260 feet without ACLS, using his ICLS for glideslope information.
Fourth: To make up for any revenue shortfalls not covered by the SLCs and per-minute rates, the FCC created a new residual fund, the ICLS, which stands for interstate common line support.
ICLS is an innovative and collaborative partnership approach between the Department of Health (DoH),Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Community Housing Organisations and the Department of Housing to provide clinical and psychosocial supports and services, in addition to appropriate housing for individuals to maximise their success in recovery and living in the community.
Brunner explained that portability was a function of the FCC's interpretation of competitive neutrality under the 1996 Telecom Act, which stipulates that competitors have the same access to high-cost support, and now the ICLS fund, as incumbents, regardless of their costs.
For the schools market, Finelite's Integrated Classroom Lighting System or ICLS helps reduce lighting-based energy consumption by an average of 52% over national standards.
The Minister had an intense interaction with the probationers of the ICLS, discussing their training needs and how IICA s course modules could be enhanced to cater to everyday practical requirements.
Pursuant to the previously announced share purchase agreement with STT Communications Ltd, legal ownership of the shares of ICLM and ICLS was transferred from Asia Mobile Holdings Pte Ltd to Qtel today upon the closing of the acquisition.