ICMCIInternational Council of Management Consulting Institutes
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The hub meeting aims at bringing out a consensus from management consultants, who are accredited in the continent of Asia, on the topics presented, increasing opportunities for cooperation and addressing the weaknesses by introducing and sharing their best existing practices and advisory, in direct and intensive preparation forthe management consultants ICMCI
At ICMCI, we are aligning ourselves with these times and carrying forward the legacy for the future," she added.
Dr Hamdallah Mubarak, chairman of the board of directors of IMC-Jordan, a private not-for-profit association, said that "hosting the ICMCI conference in Jordan reflects the progress the Kingdom has achieved over the past years in the consulting sector.
IMC -- Jordan is the only ICMCI member in the Mena region, the statement said.
Nasser highlighted the IMC-Jordan's efforts to support the global event that will be established with a mutual vision between ICMCI and IMC -- Jordan, to upgrade the notion of management training and consulting in the region.
It is worth mentioning that IMC -- Jordan is the only ICMCI member in the MENA region.
ICMCI is a world body established to promote cooperation and coordination between the various IMC's of the world.
The conference, under which members of ICMCI from 48 different countries will meet, aims at discussing the global financial situation and the extent
IMC Au Jordan Executive Director, Reema Nasser said: Aothis agreement, and all previous ones, fall under IMCAAEs technical preparations which will facilitate the tasks of the ICMCI ExCom in running the 2010 Annual Conference, and guarantee smoothness of procedures for all participants.
In 2005, BearingPoint was honored with the only "Special Award for Distinguished Devotion in Management Consulting" by CEC and the ICMCI during the 4th Management Consulting Summit.