ICMDIndian Classical Music and Dance Group
ICMDIncreasing Capacity to Meet Demand
ICMDIndonesian Capital Market Directory (Indonesia)
ICMDInternational Component Manufacturing and Design Show (pharmaceutical industry)
ICMDInternational Children's Memorial Day
ICMDImproved Countermeasure Dispensing System
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An improved countermeasure dispenser, called ICMD, is in low-rate production and is planned to be added to the ATIRCM suites.
Three years ago, its combined international programs adopted a new mission and changed its name from the FCM International Bureau to the International Centre for Municipal Development (ICMD).
"We realized that we had expertise in municipal management and were part of a Canadian and international network," explains ICMD director Brock Carlton.
FCM and ICMD collaborate regularly with similar organizations the world over.
The mission of the ICMD is to promote the FCM's ability to foster economic opportunities and focus local energies on sustainable development.
Some of them work with the ICMD to create economic partnerships with these countries.
A number of Canadian cities participate in ICMD programs to give their employees additional work experience for their professional development.
The AIRCMM can be dispensed by the existing M130 dispenser as well as the Improved Countermeasures Dispenser (ICMD) developed for the Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasure (ATIR CM) program.
The ALQ-212 is part of the US Army's suite of integrated IR countermeasures (SIIRCM), including ATIRCM, the Sanders AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System, an Improved Countermeasures Dispenser (ICMD), Advanced Infrared Countermeasures Munition and passive IR-suppression technology.
The US Army's SIIRCM program includes an ICMD - Improved Countermeasures Munitions Dispenser - now finishing qualification.
Materials) 0.30 (Carbomer) Deionized water 5.00 Disodium EDTA (10%) 1.00 Phenoxyethanol (ICMD) 0.30 Phase B1 Schercemol CATC Ester (Lubrizol Adv.