ICMDIndonesian Capital Market Directory (Indonesia)
ICMDInternational Component Manufacturing and Design Show (pharmaceutical industry)
ICMDInternational Children's Memorial Day
ICMDImproved Countermeasure Dispensing System
ICMDIncreasing Capacity to Meet Demand
ICMDIndian Classical Music and Dance Group
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Almost all the exchanges organized by the ICMD involve Canadian municipal employees.
It is also common for people from other countries to come to Canada to develop their skills, and it is the ICMD that looks after the expenses of these foreign municipal employees.
To create collaborative working relationships, the ICMD identifies outside partners from a database filled with information on municipalities likely to provide encouraging results.
When funds to establish a new partnership become available, discussions are launched between the ICMD and Canadian and foreign municipalities.
It's the ICMD that chooses which municipality it will work with in a country.
Then, the ICMD, together with a national Chinese organization, selected three municipalities with a similar problem.
The ICMD began work in Rafah (Gaza) three or four years ago.