ICMPSInduction Compass
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We sat down with the developers and we put together a roadmap; a timeline to accomplish, close, and finalise the ICMP.
"Three major benefits to arise from the ICMP include: our raising of the cap on gross floor area (GFA), which now stands at 20-million sqm; our raising of the cap on the island's population, from 200,000 to 210,000 residents; and of course, the connectivity that now exists between the developers' projects."
The benefits cited by Al Khadar provide ideal examples of the negotiations that took place during the creation of Al Reem Island's ICMP. The raising of the community's population cap, he says, was a priority for Bunya.
Of course, the ICMP represents much more than a mere negotiating tool for Abu Dhabi UPC.
"One of the major problems that can result from the lack of an ICMP is that different projects will not be linked effectively," says Al Khadar.
"Connectivity existed in theory, but it was important for us to integrate it within the ICMP and to make it solid on the ground.