ICMVIndian Cassava Mosaic Virus
ICMVInternational Certificate for Motor Vehicles
ICMVInternational Conference on Machine Vision
ICMVIsolated Cleft Mitral Valve
ICMVInput Common-Mode Voltage (electricity)
ICMVIsolated Cerebral Microvessels
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However, ICMV 93752 recorded a significantly higher grain yield (175 g/[m.sup.2]) than "CO(Cu) 9" (161 g/[m.sup.2]) in the summer season trial.
Similarly, among the 79 FS having group 2 as their largest component, 35 (44.3%) were from CO(Cu) 9 followed by 21 (26.6%) from UCC 23; among the 68 FS having group 3 as their largest component, 37 (54.4%) were from ICMP 91751; and among the 42 FS having group 4 as their largest component, 27 (64.3%) were from ICMV 93752 (Table 3).
However, earlier flowering mid-cycle population ICMV 93752 recorded a significantly higher grain yield than "CO(Cu) 9" in the summer season.
FS progenies of ICMV 93752 recorded higher mean values for harvest index and were both shorter in height and earlier to flower than those of base population ICMP 87750 and the two most advanced populations in both seasons.
Subsequent selection for more uniform early maturity, longer panicles and higher grain yield to produce ICMV 93752 resulted in a further shift in marker allele frequencies most like group 4.
Parental populations with good performance per se and good performance in crosses for most agronomic characters included ICMP 87307, ICMP 91751, ICMP 92591, ICMV 155, ICMV 91059, and SenPop.
The pearl millet cultivars were Sadore, a widely used landrace in this region of Niger, and ICMV IS 89305, a promising composite developed by ICRISAT.