ICNCPInternational Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants
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The third issue--assigning names--is strictly governed by rules of nomenclature in the ICN and ICNCP.
The ICNCP is available online for consultation regarding these provisions.
Cultivar names meeting ICNCP provisions are placed in single quotation marks.
Considering only this narrow interpretation of ICNCP guidelines Small is indeed correct, but upon viewing the bigger picture it turns out there is justification for applying cultivar names to Cannabis, and by other standards Cannabis strains may be eligible for cultivar status.
The ICNCP provides the following definition: A cultivar is an assemblage of plants that (a) has been selected for a particular character or combination of characters, (b) is distinct, uniform, and stable in these characters, and (c) when propagated by appropriate means, retains those characters.
A peculiarity of the ICNCP, pointed out by McNeill (2004), is that it does "not presume that desirable groupings are necessarily non-overlapping" (i.
The following four-group taxonomic subdivision of Cannabis under the ICNAFP code (based on Small and Cronquist (1976)) is an alternative to the six-group classification under the ICNCP code presented in the preceding.