ICOHInternational Commission on Occupational Health (Rome, Italy)
ICOHInternational Congress on Occupational Health (International Commission on Occupational Health conference)
ICOHIntercountry Centre for Oral Health (various locations)
ICOHInternational Communities of Healing (Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International; Washington, DC)
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ICOH, built on a loosely coupled, component based architecture, provides banks the cost advantage and flexibility to choose what they require, without the need to buy a tightly integrated monolithic platform and has found extensive success with over 20 banks globally.
The ICOH is a private organization of occupational health and safety specialists.
Robert Murray, a former president of the ICOH, was a paid consultant to the asbestos industry,
Murray held an official position with the ILO while he represented the ICOH and the asbestos industry.
Lesage, introduced at the Brazil conference as a medical expert from the ILO, was also a member of the board of directors of the ICOH and a spokesman for the asbestos industry.
Marianne Saux, also an ICOH board member, was introduced in Brazil as a labor expert representing the French Ministry of Labor.
A monograph on fibrous materials was prepared for the ILO by the ICOH Scientific Committee on Fibers (Castleman 1999).
The ICOH Scientific Committee on Fibers subsequently prepared a monograph on the hazards of fibrous materials that was sent out by the ILO to scientific reviewers in August 1997.
ICOH guidelines require that documents developed by scientific committees be submitted to the officers of ICOH before publication, and he insisted that no such report had been received by the officers.