ICONEInternational Conference on Nuclear Engineering
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In July, we will hold our 22nd ICONE in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic.
During 2012 when the twentieth ICONE meeting was held in Anaheim, the conference organizers paid tribute to the ICONE founders in the form of ICONE Founder Awards.
By sponsoring ICONE and ICEM, the NED has developed a global influence and partnership participation throughout the world.
The ICONE series originated in 1991 in Tokyo, where it was co-sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.
The 2010 meeting at Xian broke previous ICONE paper volume and attendance records.
ICONE is designed to maximize interactions between future nuclear engineers and practicing and experienced engineers.
Supporting development of a new generation of nuclear engineers through sponsoring attendance of ICONE conferences to participate in student paper competitions, and by establishing a new undergraduate scholarship for mechanical and nuclear engineering students.
L'ecrivain argentin Rodolfo Alonso rend hommage dans ces lignes emouvantes a son cher ami, collegue et compatriote Juan Gelman, l'une des icones de la poesie latinoamericaine, decede le 14 janvier demier a Mexico, ou
ICONES PLEUROTHALLIDINARUM VII: Systematics of Platystele (Orchidaceae).
Os diagramas sao icones associados a descoberta de relacoes, como veremos.
Heinrich Friedrich Link, Friedrich Klotzsch and Friedrich Otto were the authors of a very attractive work in 8 parts, bound in 2 volumes dated 1841 and 1844 and published in Berlin: Icones Vlantarum Rariorum Horti Regii Botanici Berolinensis.
As the author of previous Icones Pleurothallidinarium orchid "bibles," Luer (a retired Florida surgeon) describes the Stelis of Ecuador, with a key to their subgenera and new species.