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ICONICInternational Conference on Electromagnetic Near-Field Characterization and Imaging
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I'm a big fan of quiz shows and I'm looking forward to hosting this iconic TV show and hopefully making a few millionaires.
Iconic paid the price for their poor start after winning the toss.
For men too, Iconic has a lot this Eid with a festive collection that's just as impressive as the women's line.
We tried to replicate that in [Legoland Dubai's] Miniland by building Sheikh Zayed Road, featuring some of the most iconic buildings and building them out of Lego bricks.
Retaining the boxy exterior, Wrangler became an heir of sorts to the iconic CJ.
Thousands of train enthusiasts lined tracks and bridges across the country to catch a glimpse of the Flying Scotsman in its restored iconic livery, as the legend made its inaugural run from London to York, where the next chapter in the Flying Scotsman story will see it become a working museum exhibit.
Iconic Passwords may involve as few as 3 icons, and gives substantially more strength if 4 or 5 icons are chosen.
Southridge CEO and founder Stephen Hicks said, "We always look to invest in unique businesses and Iconic sets itself apart in this crowded market by developing superior alcoholic beverages such as BiVi.
Sicilian Vodka is the first of its kind to be produced and sold in the United States, Iconic said.
He said: "It was daunting [and] a bit intimidating to step into an iconic character's role and shoes.
Victoria Beckham has had a closet detox and is selling off some of her most iconic outfits for charity.
BEATLES fans travelling to Abbey Road will soon have an unwanted addition to their soughtafter photographs of the iconic zebra crossing - a lollipop lady.