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ICORInternational Consortium for Organizational Resilience (Lombard, IL)
ICORIncremental Capital-Output Ratio
ICORFirst Corinthians
ICORInterfaith Committee of Remembrance (New York, NY)
ICORInfantry Combat Regiment (US Army; Korean war era)
ICORIntelligent Cost Reduction
ICORIslamic Center of Redmond (Redmond, WA)
ICORIntergovernmental Conference on Oceanic Research
ICORInteragency Council for Ocean Resources
ICORInput, Control, Output, Resource
ICORIsrael Chamber Orchestra of Ramat-gan
ICORInstitute of Clinical Outcomes Research
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It is quite clear that Indonesia's ICOR has been increasing quite significantly within the last 10 years.
ICOR or incremental capital output ratio is the ratio of investment to growth.
5 7 224 5 Test # Polarization Current of Corrosion Rate resistance Rp corrosion Icor CR (mm/year) (Ohm.
Los valores de Ecorr e Icor indicaron que durante las primeras 10 semanas, el acero de refuerzo embebido en las vigas de concreto expuestas en las CCA se encontraba en un estado pasivo.
The victims tragically included two former American ICOR activists who had immigrated to the USSR in the early 1930s.
Sur y Estados Unidos, el ICOR subio significativamente en los ultimos 10
Estos nuevos factores permiten alterar el valor de ICOR (vease ecuacion [1]), lo que implica considerar relaciones no lineales y no estables entre inversion y crecimiento.
Along with public seminars, ICOR also arranges events at which local volunteers can help control invasive species.
As Henry Srebrnik demonstrates in Dreams of Nationhood: American Jewish Communists and the Soviet Birobidzhan Project, 1924-1951 (Academic Studies, August), based on extensive research in Yiddish archives, American groups like ICOR and the American Birobidjan Committee supported the Soviet project, ideologically and with their cash.
Five of the ICOR positions are now filled with two more arriving in January [2010].
Thus, it is believed that much thing is hidden in ICOR background.
The Harrod-Domar framework used in this study is subject to uncertainty over the value of the ICOR and the appropriate depreciation rate.