ICORCInternational Committee on the Reconstruction of Cambodia
ICORCInternational Center on Responses to Catastrophes (est. 2002; Chicago, IL)
ICORCInternational Council on Religious Credentialing
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Following approval of the new constitution, the Royal Government of Cambodia in March 1994 presented a national development plan to the International Committee for the Reconstruction of Cambodia (ICORC).
Donors pledged US$773 million in aid to Cambodia at the March 1994 ICORC meeting in Tokyo, but political violence and human rights abuses over the next year dampened donor enthusiasm, with many donors admitting "compassion fatigue" (Thayer 1995).
After the IMF and World Bank emphasized in early 1996 that corrupt practices would no longer be tolerated, major donors at the July 1996 ICORC meeting in Tokyo seized on the new approach, insisting for the first time that Cambodia implement a more transparent forestry policy (Fitzgerald 1997).