ICOREInternational Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts
ICOREInternational Congress on Renewable Energy
ICOREInternational Conference on Outdoor Recreation and Education
ICOREInternational Conference on Reputation: Theory and Technology
ICOREInternational Consortium on Religion and Ecology (Washington, DC)
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iCore sells its solutions primarily through its large, direct field sales force, adding significant scale and a national footprint to Vonage's existing sales force.
Keep me here, where I can shoot ICORE and win for my shooter
An award-winning technology leader in cloud computing with its applications on demand and one of the original providers of cloud-based hosted application services, iCore Networks offers unified communications as a service (UCaaS) to a range of enterprise customers, servicing over 100,000 end-users.
M/ s Mega Mould India Ltd, a Group company, shows that Icore E- Services invested ` 160 crore, Maity invested ` 20 crore and Kanika Maity invested ` 15 crore in debentures of the company Saradha Group chief Sudipta Sen being produced at a Kolkata court
We have been asking these companies to return the principal money since the Saradha group went bust, but there officers are not willing to give us a firm date," said Ashoke Burman, an agent of ICore.
ly/ECN-iCore For more information about iCore Networks, please visit http://www.
The partnership between ClearCube and iCore is a strategic move as both organizations not only have unique experience and interest in PC over IP (PCoIP) technology, but both companies also have core strengths in the areas of virtualized IT infrastructures, design and implementation of storage infrastructures, service line support, and professional management.
It was work, but work is not fun, and that is why ICORE only calls for Minor loads.
iCore CMS allows businesses to manage all aspects of product management and customer relations through one highly efficient and effectively organised user interface.
Mannington Commercial's iCore is backed by a 10-year commercial wear warranty.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 2, 2015-Vonage Closes USD 92m iCore Networks Acquisition