ICOTIranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
ICOTInstitute for New Generation Computer Technology
ICOTInternational Conference on Thinking
ICOTIntelligence Community Officer Training
ICOTIntegrated C-Object Tool (computing)
ICOTIsothermal Corrosion Oxidation Test
ICOTInternational Conference on Translation
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Both writers applied the ICOT in two different world history classes taught by the same teacher in a large suburban high school in New Jersey.
Using massive parallelism, ICOT achieved its stated goal of 100 million logical instructions per second (LIPS) theoretical peak performance (actually achieving 150 million LIPS).
Kahn describes the research carried out by his group and their interaction with colleagues at ICOT and at the Weizmann Institute.
These visits gave me an insight into the FGCS work beginning at ICOT, ETL, the universities, and some of the major Japanese computer manufacturers.
At the establishment of the ICOT research center, the director of ICOT, Kazuhiro Fuchi, posed one restriction on the selection of researchers: that is, the researchers must be under 35 years old when they join ICOT.
The young researchers come from the eight firms backing ICOT .
When ICOT started in 1982, I was a graduate student at the University of Tokyo.
About a year later I was invited to be a guest researcher at ICOT for a month.
All the researchers then gathered at ICOT were recruited from computer manufacturers and governmental research institutes (I was among these and was recruited from Fujitsu).
My participation in the FGCS project is somewhat unique because I was both an ICOT visitor in February 1987 and then a recipient of the first NSF-ICOT Visitors Program grant, from September 1987-September 1988.
Outside of his own start-ups, Wiener held marketing and management positions with Central Point Software (Symantec), ICOT, Orchid Technology, Eagle Computer and Computer Factory.
The smoke cleared when ICOT was formed, with Fuchi as its director.