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ICP-AESInductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
ICP-AESInductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrophotometry
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At the time of this work, the commercial laboratory used to analyse our soil samples was using ICP-AES in preference to colourimetry to analyse soils for Colwell P.
In this study we provide detail analysis of major minerals and nutrient in several herbal extracts using ICP-AES method.
4]) content of deionized water and 1 M HCl extracts were measured using ICP-MS and ICP-AES.
Note that for Hf there is disagreement between ICP-AES data for acid digestion vs.
After short centrifugation (29008; 3 min), the clear supernatant was manually aspirated into a Perkin-Elmer 3200 DV ICP-AES instrument.
The resulting pulps were shipped to their laboratory in Vancouver BC Canada for assay including Au using the Au-ICP21 fire assay and ICP-AES determination method and ME-MS61 method (48 elements by 4 acid digestion and ICP-MS and ICP-AES determinations).
Silver values are determined by ICP ((ME-ICP61) with all samples with silver values greater than 100 ppm repeated using four acid digestion with an ICP-AES finish (Ag-OG62) calibrated for higher levels of silver contained.
45-[micro]m microfilter, and phosphorus concentration in filtrate was analyzed by ICP-AES.
These extracts were diluted 10 times and analysed using ICP-AES conditions shown for method number I (Table 1).
The exchange of ions from composites to the SBF solution was analyzed by ICP-AES.