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ICPL inventor Professor Friedrich Lottspeich, commented: "Key to the success of proteomics technology is that quantitative information on proteins can be obtained fast and reliably with a high dynamic range in order to access low abundant proteins.
This is possible since, in contrast to other stable isotope labeling approaches, the ICPL labeling step is not limited to the peptide level but is applied already on the protein level.
1 quantification software which, together with ICPL, is very successful in protein quantification.
ICPL targets any insurance company or risk transfer organization -- mono or multi-line, public or private -- with an annual gross written premium of up to $2 billion, and provides limits up to $10 million, with excess capability available.
In particular, WARP-LC fully supports the new ICPL Triplex labeling kit introduced by SERVA Electrophoresis and Bruker Daltonics at this ASMS conference, which permits the simultaneous analysis of three different proteomic states.
The ICPL workflow is compatible with all established LC- or gel-based protein and peptide fractionation and separation techniques, and with all mass spectrometer types on the market including ion traps.
Bruker Daltonics extended its Isotope Coded Protein Labels (ICPL) labeling chemistries with the release of the SERVA ICPL Triplex kit, in conjunction with SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH.
ICPL advises on 'small-scale, low-key and long-term' strategies, building the capacity of institutions in the developing world to deliver training and education.
In determining the focus of a local consumer health project, ICPL reviewed the I-CHIP needs and identified the following as most critical for Iowa City and rural Johnson County (1):
Today, ICPL is working in Pakistan for various products - SABIC [Industry Sector] includes:
Serva Electrophoresis and Bruker Daltonics Unveil an ICPL
ICPL enables quantitation of differentially expressed proteins, including modification of all lysine side chains.