ICPLInstitute for Computer Policy and Law (Cornell University; New York)
ICPLIsotope-Coded Protein Label
ICPLIndlaw Communications Pvt. Ltd. (India)
ICPLIntegrated Circuit Procedural Language (HP)
ICPLIshpeming Carnegie Public Library (Michigan)
ICPLIowa City Public Library
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The two highest grain yielding genotypes (ICP 7120 and ICPL 87119) were medium flowering type, followed by ICPL 84031, an early flowering genotype whose grain yield did not differ significantly from that of the two medium flowering genotypes.
Bruker Daltonics extended its Isotope Coded Protein Labels (ICPL) labeling chemistries with the release of the SERVA ICPL Triplex kit, in conjunction with SERVA Electrophoresis GmbH.
ICPL advises on 'small-scale, low-key and long-term' strategies, building the capacity of institutions in the developing world to deliver training and education.
In determining the focus of a local consumer health project, ICPL reviewed the I-CHIP needs and identified the following as most critical for Iowa City and rural Johnson County (1):
Today, ICPL is working in Pakistan for various products - SABIC [Industry Sector] includes:
The twenty-five genotypes namely ICP 7035-1, ICPHaRL 4985-11, T 21, ICPHaRL 4989-7, ICPHaRL 4985-10, ICPHaRL 4985-4, ICPL 20036-1, ICPHaRL 4979-2, ICPHaRL 4985-1, ICPL 88039-1, ICPL 98008, ICP 13212-1, ICPL 87119, ICPL 84060-1, ICPL 332 WR, ICP 13198-1, ICPL 909, ICPL 85063, ICPX 77303, ICPL 20062, PPE 45-2, ICP 10531-1, ICPL 97253, ENT 11, Bahar (check cultivar) were raised for studying the damage assessment in relation to per cent pod and grain damage by pod bug and lepidopterous pod borer (LPB).
You can follow Jason on Twitter:@ICPLfiction and find other ICPL staff recommendations at http://staffpicks.
For arriving at its ratings, CRISIL has combined the business and financial risk profiles of Indian Cane Power Ltd and Samsons Distilleries, together referred to as the ICPL group.
ICPL enables quantitation of differentially expressed proteins, including modification of all lysine side chains.
Nine ESD lines (ICPL 4, ICPL 84023, ICPL85010, ICPL 85012, ICPL 88015, MN 1, MN 5, and MN 8, and ICPL 88039) were selected for the study.
The company has established strategic alliances with several of the industry's leading companies and has successful Joint Ventures and partnerships with SBSS in China (China Telecom), NTTWE Marine in Japan (NTT) and ICPL in Singapore (SingTel and ACPL).