ICPPInternational Conference on Parallel Processing
ICPPInfection Control and Prevention Program (various locations)
ICPPIntel Channel Partner Program
ICPPIdaho Chemical Processing Plant
ICPPInternational Congress of Plant Pathology (conference)
ICPPInternational Conference on Plasma Physics
ICPPIntel Channel Partner Premier
ICPPInternational College of Prescribing Psychologists
ICPPInternational College of Professional Psychology
ICPPInteractive Computer Presentation Panel
ICPPInternet Corporate Partner Privacy
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(2015) evaluated ICPP + maize (15%) silages and obtained a CP coefficient proportional to 78.2%, while for RODRIGUES NETO et al.
It was reported that the frequency of MKRN3 was higher in cases with familial iCPP compared with sporadic cases (7,8).
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Despite the report using more than two million gigabytes of numerical data from climate model simulations and 9,200 scientific publications, three quarters of which have been published since the last ICPP assessment in 2007, some climate change sceptics refused to accept the findings.
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