ICPPCInternational Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (Stryszów, Poland)
ICPPCInternational Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing
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Meanwhile, the ICPPC is organising a mass protest against European Bank for Reconstruction and Development funding of what it sees as negative investments in the Polish agricultural sector.
In a 12-page letter, ICPPC alleges that Smithfields is already using front companies in Poland to develop its pig factory business there, and is seeking to impose itself on the Polish pork industry via vertical integration.
It described the proposals as "inappropriate for the survival of 1.5 million small family farms in Poland".Artisan farmers, able and willing to support themselves and their families from the land and to sell any surpluses onto the local market, should be recognised and rewarded as net contributors to the biodiversity, food safety and quality and long term health of rural regions, argues ICPPC. "The CAP subsidies must not be used as a lever for enforcing inappropriate and unaffordable food and farming regulations on new entrant countries."The coalition's Director, Jadwiga Lopata, said candidate countries should be included fully in the process of CAP reform.